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Civic Orchestra Immersion

Annual Intensive Summer Camp

Civic Orchestra Immersion

The Civic Orchestra Immersion is an annual summer camp intended for amateur adult and student musicians in our community. It is open to both New Horizons Chamber Orchestra members and non-members. It is an intensive summer camp that meets for one week from 6:00-8:30 p.m. to sight-read orchestral music under the Direction of Dr. Rachel L. Waddell.

You can register for the camp separately as a non-New Horizons Chamber Orchestra member, but the registration fee for the camp is $100. It is also only a week-long program and does not focus on developing technique and skill. Participating in the New Horizons Chamber Orchestra gives you a full year of benefits and training. Please note that the Civic Orchestra Immersion Camp is included in the cost of both enrollment options.

Civic Orchestra Immersion participants also have the opportunity to participate in a side-by-side performance with the Canton Symphony Orchestra. In order to take do so they must attend at least three rehearsals during the Civic Orchestra Immersion week.