Annual Fund
Just like a beautifully composed symphony, the annual fund is meticulously crafted to ensure that every note resonates with impact.


It provides crucial financial support that enables the orchestra to fine-tune its performances, bring in world-class musicians, and engage in community programs. From the grand crescendos of the mainstage concerts to the subtle nuances of educational initiatives, the annual fund provides the necessary resources to keep the melody of the Canton Symphony Orchestra playing strong.

Supporters of the annual fund are not mere spectators; they are active participants in the creation of a cultural masterpiece. Their contributions become the building blocks of a vibrant and flourishing musical landscape, fostering a sense of community and shared appreciation for the arts.

At Canton Symphony Orchestra, we rely on our dedicated donors to help us create, sustain, and grow our programs. When you make a gift to our annual fund, you are providing unrestricted operating support for our programs and access to exceptional orchestral music and arts education in our community.

Ticket sales support only 1/5 of the total cost of our programming. The generosity of our donors keeps the music playing on stage.

The Symphony Society

Our individual donors who contribute to the CSO's annual fund receive benefits when their gift is $50 or more. All giving levels include the benefits listed in the level(s) before them.

Annual Fund Contributors

With deep appreciation, the Canton Symphony Orchestra wishes to thank the following individuals, families, and businesses for their commitment, generosity, and love of music. Their belief in the importance of the Canton Symphony Orchestra as a valued arts organization in Northeast Ohio will allow it to succeed well into the future.

Platinum Baton ($20,000+)

Employers Health
Larry & Nancy Hoover
David Jones
Bob Leibensperger
Ohio Arts Council
Visit Canton

Golden Baton ($10,000-$19,999)

Ada C. & Helen J. Rank Charitable Fund
Darwin L. Steele

Maestro's Circle ($2,500-$9,999)

The Roger E. & Janet B. Baker Charitable Fund
Beese Fulmer Private Wealth Management
Buckingham, Doolittle, and Burroughs, LLC
Linda & Leo Casey
Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation
Fisher-Renkert Foundation Investment
Bill & Pearl Lemmon
Diebold Nixdorf
Pat Gillespie

Brad & Sue Goris
Gregory Industries
Ted & Anne Jaroszewicz
KeyBank National Association
Keystone Technology Consultants
PNC Foundation
Roger Ream
Sirak Financial Services
Visiting Angels

Virtuoso Circle ($1,000-$2,499)

C. Massouh Printing Services
Virginia Banks
Patricia Deems
Canton Partnership, Inc.
Sandra & Kevin Dougherty
Albert W. & Edith V. Flowers Charitable Foundation
Dennis & Cheryl Fulmer
Jennifer & Patrick George
Elizabeth Good Knutson
Industrial Tool Company
Alison Jacob
Joseph Jadick
Tiffany Parker Kinnard
Joe & Elizabeth Knutson
Edmond & Donna Kort
Michael & Judi Krew
Ralph & Joan Leidy

Fred & Nancy Linxweiler
Sharon Luntz
Marilyn & Jerry Lyke
The W.A. & Nancy H. Maddox Fund
Gail & Joe Martino
Phyllis Novy
Ohio CAT Machinery Co. 
Billy & Maurica Patterson
Daniel & Cynthia Porter
Sangree Family Foundation
Mark Shengle
Melissa Shiepis
Kathy & Joe Smithberger
Chris & Linda Snyder
Timken Co. Charitable and Education Fund
The Little Family Advised Fund
Victor C. Laughlin, MD. Memorial Foundation Trust
Robin & Clint Zollinger

Concerto Circle ($250-$999)

MJ & Pat Albacete
Emil & Kris Alecusan
Dr. & Mrs. N. Kent Berg
Laura Bitonte
Brett & Leslie Bolgrin
Sharon & Bob Bortz
Carolyn Burley
Richard & Susanne Campbell
George Downes Jr.
Mary Cavender and Peter Pozefsky
Gerald Chapman
Tom & Betsy Douce
George Downes Jr.
Marcella Emmons
John & Joan Ferris
Henry Gulich
John & Elaine Harris

Novella Hartung
Robert Hecht
Chuck & Rosemarie Hoover
Elizabeth Keplinger
Hall Kistler & Company LLP
Joni Jackson
Shirlee Krane
Jonathan Lalewicz
Cyndy & Steve Lucas
Sue Mali
Karen Phillips Miller
Bernie Miner

Richard Moore
Gerald & Linda Norton
Joe & Carol Orin
Larry & Jean Richards
Schauer Group, Inc
Denise A. Seachrist
Astri Seidenfeld
Loren Souers
Jay Spencer
Chard & Molly Sperling
Mina Plant
Naomi Powell
Thomas Preiss
Stark County Prosecutors Office
Ted & Linda Swaldo
Melinda Wagner-Rosen
Eleanore & Eugene Wallace
Ronald Widner
LaMar and Karon Wyse

Prelude Circle ($50-$249)

Richard & Trev Aeling
Michael Alperin
Kim Anthony
Eleanor & Richard Aron
Debbie & Joe Baar
Don Bartlette
Barbara Bennett
Mary Berginides-Athans
Margaret Blake
Estelle Blau
Loretta Bower
Cynthia Burnell
Beve Carver
Judy Clegg
Stephen & Marlee Colburn
Ted and Donna Connolly
Carl Courtney
Andrew DiLiddo
Robert Fay
Kathleen Fernandez
Peggy Fitzmaurice
Mathew & Marcie Erickson

Judith Libbey
Mary Foulks
Joanne Fox
Alexander Fridman
Kathryn Gerber
Rita Gittinger
Sally Goodall
Carol Groh
John and Diane Guia
Robert & Marcia Johnston
Rachel Hagemeier
David L Hartung Jr
Nirvani & Jeb Head
Richard Heakin
Evelyn Hewett
Raymond Hensel
Jan Howland
Joyce Hudnell
Sheryl & Michael Huth
Clark & Linda Kandel
Victoria Kappes
Gloria Kohl
Patricia Kroft

Sylvia Leddon
Bruce Liliestedt
Kathryn S. Logue
Nancy Long
Karen Loy
Sam & Joanne Malene
Neil Marks
Nathan Maslyk
Stephen McCarthy
Leah Michalos
Mary Lou Milligan
Glen & Sandy Minner
Amy & Mike Nieporte
Jeffrey Nowlin
Bill Oberjohn
Peggy “Meg” Peretzky
Peter Pozefsky
Elizabeth Ramsburg
Donna Reidhead
Darryl Robinson
Rick Robinson
Rosemary Rubin
Tonya Rinaldi
Nancy Saulnier

Nancy Schoenbaum
Patty Dowd Schmitz
Rob & Shelley Schweitzer
Rosemary Shaheen
Mary Ann Sherer
Ronald Skolnik
Pearl Southwell
Mary Ann Snyder
Nancy Stavely
Avis Thrash
Ralph Toalston
Beth Toalston
Carol Vaughn
Dan Vinton
Jim & Pat West
William L. Woodard
Craig & Karen Wilde
Richard & Susan Williams
Cynthia Yeagley
Christine Yehle
Janice Zopel
Rich & Candy Ziegler