Symphony League of Canton

Introductory Luncheon!

We are beyond ecstatic to announce the revival of the Symphony League of Canton! During the pandemic and following the death of its catalyst, the beloved and esteemed Donna Leibensperger, the Symphony League has unfortunately fallen to the wayside. Now, after appointing Ms. Rita Haines as its new re-founding chair, we are ready to begin rebuilding this vital and historical part of the Canton Symphony Orchestra. 

Since its refounding, the Symphony League has been hard at work gathering prospective members, curating raffle baskets, providing food for musicians, and supporting the event planning initiatives of the Canton Symphony Orchestra. Thank you, Rita! 

Due to several conflicts, the introductory luncheon will be on January 26th, at 5:30pm. If you are interested in attending, please share your contact information with

Mission Statement

The Symphony League of Canton maintains and furthers the Canton Symphony Orchestra’s tradition of excellence by promoting the orchestra and the community by developing financial and volunteer staff support for the Orchestra Association, and by providing educational outreach to the community and educational enrichment for the membership.

Rita Haines, Refounding Chair

Rita Haines, a longtime supporter of the Canton Symphony Orchestra, is chairing and heling to revitalize the Symphony League of Canton. Her extensive organizational background includes serving on the Canton Symphony Orchestra board of directors and was a member of Symphony League of Canton. 
She and her husband were founding members of M.A.P.S. Air Museum. She has remained active as a volunteer for the past 29 years. She has been active in the Titanic Historical Society for three decades, presenting lectures for area schools and organizations. For 39 years, she has served on the board and held various offices for the Jackson High School (JHS) Alumni Association and has served on the Jackson Local School Foundation Board. She has actively supported the JHS School for the Arts for 22 years.
Rita is a former member of the Canton Museum of Art board of trustees as an Angel Member, and a founding member of the National First Ladies Library where she remains as a member. She was involved with the Professional Football Hall of Fame activities for four years.
She served as a Deacon at Central Presbyterian Church were she chaired many church activities, taught Sunday School, and Bible School. She was a Vestry Member at St. Timothy’s Church.
Her business background includes ownership of Photo Factory and Victorian Reflections. She studied at Kent State University, College of Nursing. She is a licensed realtor and was employed at The Dehoff Agency.
Rita is the widow of William K. Haines Sr.m the mother of four grown children, grandmother of seven and three great grandchildren.

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