Community Partners

It takes a village

Having community partners as a nonprofit orchestra can offer numerous benefits that contribute to the Canton Symphony’s long-term success and our impact on the community we serve.

ArtsinStark strengthens the social, physical, and economic fabrics of this community. Along with our partners and investors, we lead the development of and advocacy for a stronger, more inclusive, and highly collaborative network of arts and culture nonprofits and artists in Stark County.
The Aultman Foundation raises and administers funds in order to support and promote education and wellness outreach programming. The Aultman Foundation is made up three branches that support our mission: giving, grants and the Women’s Board of Aultman Hospital.
Beese-Fulmer Investment Management is an independent, Ohio-based investment management firm. Founded in 1980, Beese Fulmer specializes in providing personalized wealth management and financial advisory services to individuals, families, and institutions.
Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs is Northeast Ohio’s business law firm. Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs have served the Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas for over 100 years. They are more than a business law firm; they are your partner in business.
The Cowgill Family has been providing flowers for the Canton Ohio area since 1909. They feature fresh flowers, as well as having designers on staff at all times to create one of a kind arrangements. CCF stocks a wide variety of green plants and blooming plants.
Canton Data Print is a marketing and advertising company located in Canton, Ohio. Canton Data Print offers mailing services that include First Class, daily, monthly, and quarterly bulk mailings as well as statements, invoices, postcards, flyers.
The Canton Museum of Art, founded in 1935, is a community arts organization designed to encourage and promote the fine arts in Canton, Ohio. The CMA's provides a permanent museum for the preservation of art.
The Canton Repository is a daily local newspaper serving the Canton, Ohio area. Inherent to our mission is a commitment to ensuring our coverage reflects the diversity of our communities and the people we serve.
Classy is a giving platform that enables nonprofits to connect supporters with the causes they care about. Through technology, Classy aids nonprofits to unlock the generosity of their supporters and help them advance their missions.
At Consumers National Bank, they operate under a community-based banking model to provide personalized services in areas left underserved by large banks. Their goal is to fulfill customer needs through exceptional service.
At Diebold Nixdorf, security is embedded in their DNA. Today, Diebold Nixdorf is a strategic, collaborative, end-to-end provider of services, software, hardware and, security. They drive the future of self-service for retailers.
The Downtown Canton Special Improvement District (SID) provides programming to preserve the economic well-being of Downtown Canton, in conjunction with the newly formed Downtown Canton Partnership (DCP), whose mission is to develop and promote a vibrant and diverse downtown Canton.
As an employer-founded organization, Employers Health provides the expertise, guidance and increased purchasing power that maximizes the value its clients achieve from their pharmacy benefit plans.
The personal private club experience is unparalleled at Glenmoor Country Club. A sense of belonging, a place to develop relationships, and the beautiful serenity that embraces our club are just a few of the things our members enjoy. Glenmoor Country Club has it all.
Hall-Kistler & Company, LLP is an accounting and consulting firm. Established in 1941, the firm provides a wide range of professional servicess, including: tax preparation, auditing, financial statement analysis, bookkeeping, payroll processing, business consulting, and estate planning.
City dweller, Storyteller, Photographer Official Photographer of the Canton Symphony Orchestra
KeyBank is a regional bank headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, and is the only major bank based in Cleveland. KeyBank is one of the largest banks in the USA. Key's customer base spans retail, small business, corporate, commercial, and investment clients.
Keystone provides business technology for organizations that makes it easier for people to do their jobs, gives your company better visibility to its operations and systems, and empowers your team to achieve their goals and objectives.
The Massillon Museum, a local art and history museum, has major collections of photography; costumes and textiles; china, glass and pottery; domestic appliances; and circus memorabilia. Our permanent collection contains over 100,000 items.
The Ohio Arts Council is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically. The OAC Provides leadership and voice for the arts to transform communities.
The Players Guild Theatre was founded in 1932 by Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Truxton, who were committed to fostering a lifelong appreciation of the arts among citizens in our community. PGT is recognized as one of the oldest theatres in the nation.
Stark Library strengthens the community by advancing literacy, connecting people, and encouraging exploration. Stark Library is here to inspire you to explore new ideas and become the best version of you, every step of the way.
Sirak Financial Services is a financial planning and wealth management firm, offering comprehensive financial services. Sirak provides personalized strategies and solutions to help clients achieve their goals and navigate various aspects of wealth management.
TravelHost connects local businesses with travelers through their magazine and website. They show travelers exactly where to stay, to go, to see, and what to do for a unique travel experience - no other local businesses of interest benefit from the increased tourist traffic we send through their door.
Upon this Rock Photographers offer photography services of all kinds, such as senior portraits, professional headshots, family portraits, and special events. Fall in love with every moment we spend together creating memories of your most special occasions from behind the camera.
Visit Canton is the Stark County Convention & Visitors' Bureau, funded by a lodging tax administered through the Stark County Commissioners. Their mission is to promote travel to Stark County and to facilitate operations that support the travel and tourism industry in Stark County.


Stark Community Foundation is a community foundation located in Stark County, Ohio. Established in 1963, the foundation serves as a catalyst for positive change and community development in the region. Its primary mission is to connect people and organizations with charitable causes, providing resources and expertise to address the community’s evolving needs. Stark Community Foundation offers a range of services to both donors and nonprofit organizations. It manages charitable funds and provides grantmaking support, enabling individuals, families, and businesses to establish funds and make strategic contributions to causes they care about.

Interested in learning how to set up your very own Donor Advised Fund? If you are ready to embark, we highly recommend using Stark Community Foundation.

10 reasons why community partners
are essential to the success of a nonprofit orchestra

  1. Resource Sharing: Community partners can provide valuable resources such as funding, venues, equipment, and expertise. This can significantly reduce the financial burden on the orchestra and allow it to allocate resources more effectively towards its artistic and educational goals.

  2. Audience Development: Partnering with local organizations, businesses, schools, and community groups can help the orchestra reach a wider and more diverse audience. These partners can promote the orchestra’s events to their networks, bringing in new attendees who may not have been exposed to classical music otherwise.

  3. Access to Venues: Nonprofit orchestras often need appropriate venues to perform, rehearse, and hold events. Community partners that own or have access to suitable spaces can provide the orchestra with the necessary facilities, reducing rental costs and logistical challenges.

  4. Education: Collaborating with educational institutions and community organizations allows the orchestra to engage in meaningful educational initiatives. This might include workshops, masterclasses, school performances, and other music education programs that enrich the community and foster a deeper appreciation for classical music during formative years.

  5. Cross-Promotion: Partnering with local businesses and organizations can lead to cross-promotion opportunities. For example, a restaurant could offer discounts to orchestra concert attendees, while the orchestra promotes the restaurant to its audience.

  6. Credibility and Visibility: Aligning with reputable community partners can enhance the orchestra’s credibility and visibility. When respected organizations endorse and support the orchestra, it can boost the orchestra’s reputation in the community and beyond.

  7. Collaborative Projects: Community partners can offer opportunities for collaborative projects, where the orchestra can work with other groups, such as choirs, theater companies, dance troupes, or visual artists. These collaborations can result in unique performances that appeal to a broader audience.

  8. Diversified Funding Sources: Relying solely on ticket sales and donations can be risky for nonprofit orchestras. Partnering with businesses, foundations, and other organizations diversifies the orchestra’s funding sources, reducing its vulnerability to financial fluctuations.

  9. Community Engagement: Nonprofit orchestras play a vital role in enriching the cultural fabric of a community. By partnering with local organizations, the orchestra can strengthen its ties with the community and demonstrate its commitment to the region’s artistic and cultural development.

  10. Long-Term Sustainability: Establishing strong community partnerships can contribute to the long-term sustainability of the orchestra. A network of supportive partners can help the orchestra weather challenges, adapt to changing circumstances, and continue its operations even in difficult times.

In essence, community partners provide nonprofit orchestras with the means to broaden their reach, enhance their impact, and contribute positively to the communities they serve. These partnerships create a mutually beneficial relationship where both the orchestra and its partners can thrive and contribute to the cultural vitality of the region.