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Gift Cards!

Give the gift of music by purchasing a gift card for your loved ones. Redeemable for any event, a gift card to CSO is the perfect gift for when you are unsure of what to get. You may choose however big or small you would like it to be!

Gift cards are valid two years from date of purchase.


Face Masks

These protective face coverings vow to shield against wayward hacking, ludicrous sneezing, and enthusiastic talkers who may have more than words escape their mouths.
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Divergent Pins

Enjoy your favorite composers looking ludicrous. Inspired for our Divergent Sounds Series, these pins represent combining genres to make something entirely new.

Tote Bags

Strut your stuff around with this snazzy, canvas tote bag! The ultimate carry-all and a worthy addition to any wardrobe for carrying around your knick knacks, random receipts, or even sheet music!

Logo Pins

No more shall your lapel, book bag, hat, nor murse be unadorned by a stylish and classy CSO logo pin! These soft enamel pins are sturdy, subtle, and a constant reminder of our existence.


Made locally right here in Canton, CSO hoodies are the perfect way to represent Stark County's premier classical music organization. The back includes a violin graphic for ultimate style points.


Made locally right here in Canton, CSO t-shirts make for excellent casual apparel choices when making unavoidable trips into the public. Or just lounging around doing nothing.


Pint Glasses

Kick back with a cold pint of your favorite brew while supporting the CSO. Made of shatter-resistant glass and etched with our moniker, think of CSO every time you imbibe.

Wine Glasses

As you sit and ponder why you invited Susan over again when all she does is talk about herself, you can at least look down at your glass and think of better times spent at Canton Symphony.
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Shot Glasses

There is no better vessel to use while questioning your life choices as you slug one back. We've been there, too. Whether you are being merry or trying to forget, we'll be there for you.


Gold-Plated Ornaments

These GORGEOUS ornaments simply must adorn your trees, sconces, and fireplaces this holiday season. Have a stuffy aunt who is dissatisfied with un-shiny presents? Well, look no further.
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Logo Ornaments

Have Canton Symphony Orchestra be a part of your holiday traditions season after season with this timeless, striking design that will match any decor you currently have.

Refrigerator Magnets

Heading to the icebox for a midnight snack? The CSO refrigerator magnet does not need precious space INSIDE your frozen food tomb. Remind yourself of CSO every time you're hungry.

Decal Stickers

These high-quality decals promise to adhere to your vehicle year after year as you traverse the world in your motorized metal transportation box. Other drives will be jealous of it adorning your car.