2021-2022 Season
2021-22 Subscriptions

Updated COVID-19 Policy

Please note, all patrons must provide proof of vaccination or negative COVID test within 48 hours of the performance. Children under 12 are exempt. Status will be checked at the entrance upon arrival. Masks will be required for everyone while inside the building. No refunds will be given for failure to provide proof of vaccination or negative test results. Click here for more information.

Canton Symphony Returns

This year, we want to remind everyone that there are still many things to be grateful and hopeful for. Music has always been an outlet for emotional expression. The medium of sound is particularly powerful, especially when over 70 musicians join together to create something special and sharing it with audiences. This fall, we will return to the stage for our most thrilling season yet.

We are offering a five-concert MasterWorks subscription with several add-ons to choose from. Our first two “Prelude” concerts of the season will be smaller ensembles and optional to purchase.

Join us for a triumphant season of orchestral music!

MasterWorks Subscription

Subscriptions are the best way to view all of the content we offer at the lowest cost.
$ 50 *starting at
  • GOLD - $200
  • SILVER - $125
  • BRONZE - $90
  • ECONOMY - $50

Single Ticket

MasterWorks single tickets and the Prelude concerts on sale September 1.
$ 10 *starting at
  • GOLD - $50
  • SILVER - $30
  • BRONZE - $20
  • ECONOMY - $10

Holiday Pops &
Abbey Road

Due to the popularity of these concerts, ECONOMY tickets will not be available.
$ 25 *starting at
  • GOLD - $55
  • SILVER - $35
  • BRONZE - $25

While being away from the stage, we had the opportunity to reflect upon and re-imagine how we serve our community. Reaching new audiences, being more accessible, and serving with equity is at the forefront of our goals.

This upcoming season, we will be spotlighting composers that we know you will love, but until now have been undiscovered or underappreciated.

We will support the next generation of musicians and cultivate new relationships. We know that growth and lasting change can only be accomplished together.


The “Prelude” concerts are relatively smaller ensembles to reintroduce audiences back into our halls. They are not included in the base subscription package, but can be added-on at a discounted rate. Call our box office at 330-452-2094 to reserve seats to these concerts.

These concerts will lead up to our mainstage MasterWorks season.


Our MasterWorks Series is the main focus of Canton Symphony Orchestra’s operations. These concerts dive deep into the rich and vibrant history of classical music. This year, we are focusing on living composers that have previously been ignored, underappreciated, or undiscovered while still acknowledging the classics we all know and love.

All five of these concerts are included in the base subscription package.

Every year, Canton Symphony Orchestra strives to reach new audiences. Classical music is an art form that is enjoyed by too few, often touted as “boring” or “unlively.”

Challenge accepted.

Returning this year is the ever-popular, Jeans ‘N Classics, who last rocked the house in 2020 with The Music of Queen. This time, they will take you deep into the London music scene to explore the music of The Beatles.

Single tickets go on sale September 1st. Patrons can purchase now by adding-on to their existing MasterWorks subscriptions by calling 330-452-2094.